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List payments



List all payments for a specific organization using API keys.


Query Parameters

    financial_status strrequired
    ordering stringrequired

    Which field to use when ordering the results.

    page integerrequired

    A page number within the paginated result set.

    reference strrequired
    status strrequired
    type strrequired


    count integerrequired
    next urinullablerequired
    previous urinullablerequired
    results object[]
  • Array [
  • id uuidrequired
    account_alias stringrequired

    Possible values: <= 8 characters

    first_name stringnullablerequired

    Possible values: <= 100 characters

    last_name stringnullablerequired

    Possible values: <= 100 characters

    email stringnullablerequired

    Possible values: <= 100 characters

    type TypeEnumrequired

    Possible values: [request-payment, transfer]

    amount decimalrequired

    Possible values: Value must match regular expression ^-?\d{0,13}(?:\.\d{0,2})?$

    reference stringrequired
    processing_number stringnullablerequired
    mode ModeEnumrequired

    Possible values: [mtn-benin, moov-benin]

    status objectrequired
    financial_status objectrequired
    completed date-timenullablerequired
    processing date-timenullablerequired
    failed date-timenullablerequired
    created date-timerequired
    updated date-timerequired
    webhook_url urinullablerequired

    Possible values: <= 200 characters

    refunded date-timenullablerequired
    test booleanrequired
    paid_organization booleanrequired
  • ]